We're doing church in a whole new way.


We Gather.

We gather together to live out our faith. We believe in God’s unending grace and love. We ask questions. We seek answers together. We pause, reflect and refuel to live out our lives in a meaningful way.


We welcome all who desire a closer relationship with Christ.


We believe in God’s unending grace and love. We believe you are intentionally and wonderfully made in the image of God.
All are welcome.


Each of us has a story and a set of unique gifts and passions that, when brought together, make an undeniable impact on those around us.


We teach and preach from the Gospel, which refuels us to truly see where the holy meets the everyday.


We seek to live out our faith in the everyday. We are fathers, sons, sisters, mothers, single, married, teachers, students. We come from diverse backgrounds and walks of life.


We exist to create space to pause, reflect and refuel to do God’s work.
We are diverse in opinion and united in mission to proclaim Jesus Christ, Live in Christ and Serve.


Brian Norsman

With four children spanning ages 11-27, residing in four different states,  Brian and his wife, Sena, are familiar with the busyness of today’s family lives.  Brian’s super skill is packing more into one day than most of us do in a week. As Pastor of The Depot Church, Brian has a strong passion for outreach and mission and a strong desire to connect current and emergent generations in passing on the faith. If he’s not at the sushi counter at Festival, you’ll likely find him lunching with others at the Blacksmith or Blue Heron.

In his free time, Brian enjoys taking in middle school sports, spending time sailing or canoeing, reading and keeping up with the latest technology systems.

Jenny Sung

Known for her gregarious smile and love of adventure, Pastor Jenny Sung works with small groups and volunteers to share God’s love and grace with everyone she meets.  Many mornings she can be found in conversation or working on sermons at Dunn Brothers in Hugo, where her favorite order is medium dark roast coffee no cream no sugar. In the evenings she often meets with small groups in neighborhood homes or at the Blue Heron to gather for fellowship and event planning.  When she’s not working, she enjoys spending time with her husband, partner and best friend, Carl, and their puppy, Leo.

Mike Carlson

Pastor Mike Carlson brings 30+ years of ministry and background to The Depot Church.  As Lead Pastor of St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church, Mike spends time in all aspects of church life, including preaching, pastoral visits and administration. Mike resides in White Bear Lake with his wife Tammy. Mike and Tammy have three grown sons and two grandchildren.

Called into ministry because of his love for all people, Mike brings a unique and practical approach to faith life. In his free time he enjoys reading, listening to music and spending time with his family, including his three dogs named Daisy, Martin, and Bishop.

Carl Torgerson
Worship & Arts Director

Watch for bio coming soon!

“My story doesn’t have the big reveal of God showing up in my life, instead everyday I wake up and see my loved ones, I am reminded of my faith and that God shows up in my every day.”

Taylor M.

Pause. Reflect. Refuel.



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