“Dad! They won’t let me play!” my 6-year old son yelled- seeking justice from his two older brothers who were glued to the game console. Seeing the frustration in his face, I sharply replied “Well, you tell them I let you play.” The conversation escalated as my youngest son quickly rebutted, “But dad, they won’t listen to me.” I stopped what I was doing and focused on my youngest son George, looked him straight in his teary eyes and said, “you tell them that Dad said to let you play!”

With a new sense of purpose, George proclaimed my message with quite a bit more authority in his bones and his message- because he was sent on a mission from the head of the household- who sent him to make it all right.


When we know the strength of our source, we can draw on it.  I believe that is what Jesus did when he came to earth. He stepped into his father’s authority that was given to him.  To bring the kingdom of God to earth—in a new way. Jesus came to bring the will of his Father to earth…to bring literally heaven to earth.

As we study the book of Mark, we have Jesus who has been moving fast teaching, healing, preaching… about the Kingdom of God.  And, all have been amazed by Jesus’ authority.  All except for the leaders of the law of Jesus’ day.

And, again, we are reminded how Jesus shook things up.  Normally a rabbi would quote other rabbi’s yokes—or teachings.  Jesus instead quoted his Father’s authority.  Jesus drew on his Father’s strength and power.

So, let me ask you this….where do you draw your strength from?

In Mark we witness Jesus teaching, healing, preaching about the Kingdom of God. We see disciples slowly, over time, stepping into Jesus authority and learning what it means to live out the Kingdom of God…. a world based on love, grace, healing, hope. And slowly, Jesus sent them out two by two and they were ambassadors of the One who sent them.  They started to do what Jesus had taught them.  That is what a disciple does.  They Step into the authority of the One who calls them by name.  In fact, in the gospel of Matthew it says that Jesus said that all authority in heaven and earth has been given to me—go and make disciples of all nations….

And, here, some 2000 years later, we step into that same authority.  We’ve been given that same authority to be ambassadors of the One who sends us.  Ambassadors of Christ. The power, the right, the strength to step from the world’s ways into God’ ways. And we do so, as teachers, healers, as people of grace just as Jesus did- not so my will be done, but so Thy will be done.

Thanks be to God.