Pastor Brian Norsman– “I can’t believe another Christmas is almost here! As I watched a video recently on my facebook feed, I was struck by the utter beauty and holiness of what photographer Tomasz Furmanek was able to capture despite having traveled the same path many times before. Tomasz shared he knows these areas very well, in fact he has traveled it hundreds of times. This particular video was shot from 4 different locations in Norway–one of my favorite places to travel on all the earth.

Today, I am reminded that many of us have traveled down a similar path to the Christmas story, but like Tomasz each time brings a slightly different perspective. This Christmas story never gets old as we experience something so familiar, but yet in such a different way. A kaleidescope of sorts with a different view that touches the souls every time.

So this Christmas, as you go about your plans, whatever they may be, wherever they may take you- be it a different location or with different people, may you experience the beauty of Christmas story- in all its fullness; for the hope of the world is coming near to you.

And of course, if you are looking for a place to be- I hope you’ll consider joining me at the Depot Church on Christmas Eve at 5:15 pm at Oneka Elementary in Hugo, MN.”

PS If you’re on facebook, you can watch the video here