Pastor Brian Norsman- Have you ever been scuba diving? How about a late night, total darkness dive? Neither of these were top of my list of pastimes; and yet, I found myself along side my son on (what will be my one-and-only) total darkness dive, late in the evening, sitting on the ocean floor, in total darkness and scared out of my mind. It was in that moment, that I found myself doing that which I have done often in my times of fear– calling out to God.  And in those dark moments, as I was trying to rest in my fear on the ocean floor in complete darkness, I was reminded God’s imminent light as darkness of the ocean gave way to bioluminescent plankton, and thousands of plankton lit up the world around us- a beautiful site!

Sometimes it is in darkness that we can find the most beautiful of lights.  I am reminded of the story of Bartimeus- the blind man crying out to the Lord. Bartimeus’ story reminds us that we can cry out to the Lord, and that in the darkest places, Light finds a way. You may remember from the story in Mark 10:46-52, Bartimeus is hushed as he cries out to the Lord and he resolves even more to cry out for healing. For Bartimeus knows Christ to be the imminent Healer, the ultimate Light.  The story goes on to tell of Jesus telling him to cross the street and Bartimeus throws off his cloak to follow Christ. And Jesus asks, “what do you want from me?” For it is not that Christ didn’t know his need, but instead the God wants us to name and claim those things that are in the darkest spots of our hearts. Bartimeus replies of his desire to see and Jesus looks at Bartimeus, heals him and says “go, your faith has made you well.”

We are reminded through this story to call out in faith. Call out to the Lord for healing. Call out to others and invite them into a life filled with hope and healing in Jesus name. Jesus hears our cries. Beloved child of God, as the Light of the World comes to you may you be healed through faith.

Where do you need healing? Where do you experience darkness?  May you, too, be freed by The Light of the World, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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